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About Us:


Natures Colors was started in 2008, at the South Milwaukee Downtown Market with 15 basic culinary herbs.  We listened to our customers and expanded the company line from basic herbs to custom ingredients and blends made to natural standards.  In 2010 we introduced a handful of loose teas, as we did with the herb line listened to our customers and added a complete line of teas: traditional leaf teas, spice teas, botanicals, and fruits.  Since 2008 we are actively serving southeastern Wisconsin, with visitors from other states who have purchased products at the events we sell at. .  The herbs, spices, blends, loose teas, dehydrated vegetables, is available through this website.  Don't forget we take orders for larger quantities.  Your order will be added to the special order tab.  The Laundry Soap is now available on the website - see the Laundry Soap Tab!  Thank you for your business at the events we attend or visiting our website, it is sincerely appreciated!


Shipping & Delivery:

We use the USPS First Class Mail / Standard Post in the Continental United States.  

Expedited Shipping is by special request via the Be In Touch Section Above 

International Orders - shipping cost will be applied before shipping product.



Because we are a small company and our goal is to offer high quality at affordable prices we ask customers to order responsibily to avoid as many unnecessry returns back to the company.  Our return policy is that we will take product back unopened (scarves) can not  used and returned ( in new condition)!  For a return please contact us.


Natures Colors LLC
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Spices Herbs Teas Wisconsin

Spices Herbs Teas Wisconsin